Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy Summer

Wow these weeks are flying by. The kids got to do a gymnastics camp this week which was one hour 4 days. It was great. The kids are so coordinated and it was a treat for them to participate with the other kids. Also they got to use cool equipment and expand their skills.

We're moving in the morning! Here's an inspiring story of how we got to rent a place month to month for just $600 a month. I had called every place on craigslist or the classifieds under $1000. Nobody wanted to rent to us month to month. On Saturday we were driving around in the car looking for any more rentals. We called on one and the manager Bill told us he would do month to month. So on Monday I went in and begged him to take $1800 cash. He seemed surprised at my eagerness to pay that much when he usually just asks $1200. Today I went in to sign the lease and he said that he didn't understand what I had meant by month to month. He usually doesn't do that but since I'd already given him the money he was going to go ahead and do it.

And that is the story of how we're moving into a trailer and I'm grateful. It is just a few blocks from my St. Augustine granola friend. That M can now play every day with Pie-rum, as she calls him, is a huge bonus. It is a win win. If we get the house soon Yeah! If it takes a while we'll get to live by these friends even longer. Yeah!

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