Monday, August 17, 2015

Curious kids

M loves books about pets, and human development.  While G is trying to make sure he's read every book in the Geronimo Stilton series (about a news editor mouse...), M is over in Juvenile Non-Fiction finding books like this.  This week she brought home one that was for the 10+ age set, so I'm reading it to know what it's saying.  And it's saying a lot.  So much that I'm talking to her a lot to fill in the gospel perspective on the things she's been reading.  G's been reading it.  lP's been reading it too!  Fortunately lP probably doesn't understand most of the content...  She is a very good reader, but she is also a very sheltered 4 year old.

I'm grateful for the gospel perspective on sexual intimacy.  The world, and this book, say "Do whatever feels good, it's fine!"  But the doctrine of saving intimacy for marriage is a great blessing.  I think of it like if you were given a very nice car at birth; your body...  So if you draw on the seats, spill ice cream on the gear shift, stomp on the peddles for fun, by the time you're old enough to use it for the purpose of driving, it's not in great shape.  Our bodies are literally temples for our spirits and certain physical abilities have a sacred purpose.  The sacred purpose of our sexuality is to have children within a marriage.  Children deserve to have a mom and a dad.  God wants the best for us. That is his plan.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

oh yeah!

L was born!  He's pretty cute.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Embracing paper

G's school list was all paper products.  Copy paper, paper towels, tissues, and ziploc bags are the normal items.  But also, paper plates, and forks...!  No pencils or notebooks, just lunch supplies.   : )

So I bought a Sam's Club pack of paper towels and tissues.  Even though we give 2x the requested amount, we have several left over.  So I give myself permission to use tissues.  It's pretty nice! 

I've been a cloth diaper, cloth napkins, cloth towels etc... person.  But now I have 5 children, and I feel grateful for the convenience of simple things, like being able to grab a tissue when I'm watching a video and it makes me cry.

The ladies in my ward were so generous and I have a huge stash of diapers.  And I have tons of cloth diapers.  It's very nice having plenty of cloth and paper.

And my kids are awesome.  They're learning to help and also take care of their spaces.  M, G and P help with the dishes.  They tidy up their rooms on Saturday.  They wash their clothes when I tell them to...  It's really great to see them able to do things to help.  It's really great to have their help.