Friday, June 19, 2015

Recently awesome

Last week was full of birthday and baptism happiness.  M really rose to the occasion and took her covenants seriously.  I was pretty busy with the details, but enjoyed her happiness and excitement.  She's a wonderful child. 

Yesterday we got sick in a fast and furious manner.  All of us within 24 hours, and done within the same.  Except M has stayed healthy and helpful throughout.  I'm keeping an eye on her though because it could strike at any moment.

Friday, June 5, 2015

G had to be first

Memory is a funny thing.  When we think back on G's first years, cancer etc...  we wonder, how did we manage that with other kids.  We insert M, P and even B into those times.  They don't fit. 
Going through all that with G didn't kill our plans to have more children.  Along came M who was and is the perfect sister for G.  She always wanted to be just like him.  She picked up signing very fast and G had 1 other child to sign with. 

Along came lP with her strong personality and the challenges of being her.  Birth order.  Ha!

B came 2 years ago and G finally had a brother.  And the new baby will be born in 2 months.  Another boy.  G is so excited that the boys will outnumber the girls.

When I was growing up, a family in the ward had a daughter with downs syndrome.  She was their 4th, I think.  They wisely chose to have another after D so that D would not be the baby forever.

I'm grateful for how the children have all learned to sign and have some compassion.  G is a great kid.  He's a great big brother.  I love that we're forced to let him be the big brother, and do things more independently than we would ever have if M had been first.

Out with the old and in with the new.

I've been released as Primary President.  I'm trying to help the transition go smoothly.  I know I was just handed a binder and allowed to fly.  Being musical and knowing sign language, I was able to do well enough since I had 2 members of the previous presidency. 

Another funny development for us is the revitalization of some old technology.  P had a palm pilot 10 years ago that he used all the time.  He also had an original iPod from 13 years ago.  Both had become less functional or forgotten when he got an iPhone 3 years ago.  I recently got out the palm pilot and the kids enjoy drawing on it.  Also, we haven't had an iPod since I accidentally spilled water on the one Sam gave me.  So we've been burning CD's for a few months.  It's pretty amazing being able to have plug and play music again.