Saturday, June 4, 2011

Short Sale

Moving on. We are making an offer on this house. Notice that it is listed as "Sale Pending"? That's us! Wild. Some things I love about this house are:
-Proximity to inter-coastal water way and a beautiful place to walk along the water.
-Screened pool (small but screened and a pool)
-4 bedrooms so you all can come stay with us.
-3 bathrooms one of which is gutted, but totally within our ability to finish
-Just down the road from some of our favorite people in St. Augustine.

So here's to hoping we can get it for something close to what we offered. We've decided to embrace the short sale process. He haven't decided yet if we'll move or wait it out here. Decision decisions... So put in your prayers for us so you can come visit us here!

1 comment:

Okishdu said...

I noticed that the house is not that far from the church house on Deltona, especially if you could take the water route.
Love Mom