Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Check it out!"

Last day of school with his teacher.

G continues to amaze me with his speech acquisition. Today when I have him his "new" shoes he was so excited he told M "Check it out!" It's phrases like that, that we never taught him, that make me glad.

Thursday we had a marathon day at the beach. Some awesome friends came by and we got to meet them and play. Then we went to get G from school and played for another 3 hours! In the beach setting G's at a real disadvantage because it's a dangerous setting and he can't wear his head gear. So when he's out chasing a wave, and get's too far out, mom freaks out and he's in trouble before he knows it. Luckily he's got good sense so I've only had to call him back for a time out, rather than having to go out and rescue him. I'm so grateful for his sense of self preservation.

I have a really hard time paying attention to my kids when I am with friends. That's an important deficit to recognize. That day at the beach was not so bad because G was at school and M stayed close. So my inattention didn't get us into trouble.

Pin the Fin on the Shark!

Tonight we got to see some of these same awesome friends. Luckily P was there because I wanted to hang out. And I got to hang out. I'm so grateful for his willingness to pick up my slack and let me enjoy my friends. Hurray all around.

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