Friday, July 8, 2011

settling... in

Have you ever lost money to a vending machine? You put your money into the machine to pay exorbitant rates for food that is not even good for you. Last week G did a great job at his audiology appointment and for a treat we went to the vending machine. He promised he'd share his treat with M (who stayed home with Gramdma), what a sweetheart. We put the $1.00 into the machine and selected the plain M&M's. The spiral turned and froze. Oh no! Bummer. Then the spiral made another full turn and gave us not just one but 2 bags! Just thinking about it makes me happy. Sad really, I guess. But really this must be why people gamble!

So we're in our 900sq/ft mobile home and finally we have phone, internet, washer and dryer. It was a rough 2 weeks. P bought me the washer and dryer as a "bribe" (his words) for living in a mobile home. I went out on Saturday night after moving in to buy them. We had been searching for a used set on craigslist but came up with a set at Home Depot that was on sale. So we went with the pair on sale that included delivery and warranties, for about the same price as the used ones that we didn't get to buy because someone else did.

The washer and dryer were to be delivered the following Wednesday. "Are you kidding me!?" When the men came it turned out that he dryer had a huge dent, so they would be bringing a replacement the following Wednesday. "What!"
So it came finally and it was worth the wait. The dryer is huge! The front load washer is pretty nice. We can now wash a whole basket of laundry in one load rather than 3. Wow. But the dryer is capacious. It can dry a whole basket of laundry and not even be 1/2 full.

Even though we moved out of the condo on the 25th, we continued going up and using the pool until the 30th. What a treat. Both kids went down the slide again and again until bP was too tired and crying too much. Then we'd head back to town.

Hurray for cute kids enjoying Grandma's backyard.

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Okishdu said...

How fun to read your new blog post! We had the Vosses, MauMaus, Chius, Stouts and Hancocks over for Maple Sunday and celebrated Annie's 13th birthday with cake and ice cream. We had kids and kids and kids.