Friday, December 15, 2017


Today we visited the state Senator for our area.  G is studying Civics and the kids had various questions to ask.  L didn't have a good time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

humble brag

I went walking with a friend on Tuesday.  She said she loved how humble my car was.  This car is a 1997 Sentra.  I love it because it was a mission car that my dad bought, then my sister N bought, then my my dad took it back from her and it sat for a year unused.  Eventually we bought it and have used it for the last 12 years.  We've fixed many things on it and once my sister N complimented me for keeping it very clean.  I'm pleased to have a car stay in the family and to take care of it.  It needs some repairs and we're considering getting a different car.

When we bought it from my dad he gave us a fair price and said that if we ever sold it for more than that he would like us to give him the difference.  It's well past the ability to be sold for that price. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


A friend's daughter recently was diagnosed with a tumor in her foot.  I'm feeling such sadness and hope for them.  It's so hard to go through chemo.  I hope they will be able to have happiness and peace.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

mini bathroom make-over

We needed a new toilet in the kids bathroom for a long time.  Today we had the time to take care of it so I took the 3 older kids over to the store to choose one.  lP had a clear preference "I like the one that says 'new'."  M and G had a big laugh about the devices that spray you so you never need toilet paper again.  We chose one that was 1 piece so there will be less crevices to clean.

We brought the new toilet home and P found that the old toilet had pulled up the vinyl tile.  So I got to go shopping for new flooring.  I've wanted to replace the flooring for ages and was pretty excited to do so.  At the 3rd store we seemingly impulsively bought a particular flooring but it was actually the style I'd admired for a long time.  Yay!

I installed flooring with my sister L in college.  Mostly I just helped but I did work with her crew 1 summer and got experience doing more of the actual cutting.  When I brought home the new flooring I laid it out in the big room and cut out my shape.  I got it installed by just tucking it in.  I'm glad that they make vinyl now a days that you don't have to glue down.  Hmmm, I should probably check to see if the kind I got was the kind you don't have to glue down...  It's held in place by the molding and tucked under the tub.  I think it looks quite snazzy.  Oh yes.  Snazzy. 

Monday, December 4, 2017


Today we set goals.  Some of our goals were things we do every day and others were a special effort.  It was an interesting paradigm shift for me to think in terms of a goal we could set for 1 day.  There was a recent church talk about someone asking their son to be kind to his sister for 1 day.  Then after accomplishing that for 1 day, could he keep doing that and even add more goals. 

In our baby step world I hope to just introduce the children to the idea of deliberate action and celebrating the exercise of self control. 

lP had a goal to not break any of M's things today.  My goal was to not hit any of my children today.  I don't generally hit them at all but I do often feel mad at them and I did swat lP the other day after she hit B.  Great....  So I made that my goal. 

When the kids were yelling in the back seat I pulled over and told them I was going to play a game on my phone rather than let myself get really mad at them.  They were annoyed and I threatened to play 2 games. 

Throughout the day we would check on each other "Do you remember your goal?" as keeping it in mind is really important for achieving a goal, especially when it is a goal of something you don't want to commit.

I am not perfect And I can make goals to be better and achieve a better relationship with myself and others.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

financial realities

We're making some financial changes and it's interesting to me to come to the reality that things are good and not actually going to change as much as I dream.  I have a bad habit of imagining that when we've reached this or that line in the sand, things will be different.  But things are good and I'm glad they aren't going to be significantly different because in general I think it could only be worse. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Our stake has an activity each December with about a hundred nativities set up in the gym.  Different groups sing or play the piano from the chapel.  This year we got to play our tenor horn and tuba.  M played 2 pieces on piano and that helped spell us enough.  We practiced and really prepared our out of shape lips so it was a really good experience for us.  I'm grateful to have married someone who values the tuba as much as I do.  It's not just some eccentric hobby of mine that is snickered at.  P even got to wear his fabulous tuba tie tonight. 

G watched the 3 little children in a side room with a movie player.  I'm so grateful to have an older child and a movie player.