Sunday, May 21, 2017


 My brother was able to stop by for a couple hours yesterday.  It was nice to hang out and let the kids be reacquainted. 
What a bunch of cute kids!

camp out

I love how L and B look the same size in this picture.  P took all 3 boys to the fathers and sons camp out and his dad S also came along.  What a great time!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


P installed hooks on the eaves so he could string up a tarp.  The children have had a lot of fun with this huge shaded area.  I think it is equal to or larger than the area of the screened porch.  I set up this inflatable pool and it has been so fun for 2 days.  Then it became sort of a hassle because the kids were in there constantly and we had no more clean towels...  So we drained it tonight and I may set it up again next week.  It was so nice how much all 5 kids loved to be in it.  They have such a gift for joy.  It's amazing how when this is the only pool you have, it's awesome!  The free pool opens in a week though so I plan to be there pretty constantly.  But in the fall we'll have to remember this fun and get it out some more after the free pool is closed.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

rotating toys

B got some nice Duplos for his birthday and so we had Duplos for a few days.  Today I asked him to clean them up before watching a movie.  Then someone gave him a car toy so I just put the bucket of Duplos away and lP brought out the car bin.  Nobody is asking for computer turns or to watch a movie.  They are just happy playing with toys.  I am so grateful to have reached this moment. 

I've had a few sleepless  nights and I've still been able to get up and walk each morning.  I'm so grateful that I haven't given in to eating sugary treats.  I know it makes me achy and have less motivation when I do.  I hope I just accept that this is my reality.

In church one of the Young Women was giving the lesson and said "Some people wish they could just not be a Mormon for 1 day."  I commented that it is not being a Mormon that invokes the consequence of breaking rules.  We are all free to do whatever we want.  If we want to dress, act, or eat whatever we want, the consequences follow.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day that I'm looking forward to

Today I asked G to make breakfast.  He cooked up a bunch of the sausage biscuits I bought as a treat for him.  So nice. 

Phillip is talking in church today, lP is also giving a talk.  I'll be teaching E in YW about making our prayers more meaningful.

After church we'll pack up and go to G-town.  I'm preparing a feast of sandwiches, carrots, apples, chips and a bunt cake.  Being a bit of a controlling personality I like knowing there will be a party and plenty of food for everyone.  It doesn't bother me to make it.  I hope to raise my children up to contribute to parties as they grow up. 

Friday, May 12, 2017


P took the boys, all of them, on the father son campout.  The girls and I are hanging out watching veggi-tales and planning to sleep in the firepit area.  It's called the firepit because the fireplace is at the edge of it and it is a 2 step down area about 12x12 that the toys live in.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

summer heat

We're heading into the hot months.  There is a fire about 100 miles away and that's making the air a sludge of smoke+pollen.  Coughs abound.