Saturday, June 4, 2011

Songs of their childhood

Each of my children have had special songs. With G it was intense and as I would put him to sleep I would hum "Oh My Father" on his head.

M had a love of Men's chorus from an early age. From 3 months on we would sooth her in the car with a recording of BYU Men's Chorus singing "We'll Shout and Give Him Glory". And when we couldn't find the CD we got to be serenaded by daddy. In her 2-3 years P would hold her and rock her to sleep singing this song and "Baby M----- Girl" to the tune of "Baby Signing Time."

Poor bP. The song of her childhood is "P----, you don't have to cry! You don't have to cry today."
Luckily she has M for a big sister so she gets sung to a lot. The words sometimes even get changed sweetly. "P----, you don't have to cry! Your big sister M is here."

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