Sunday, July 16, 2017

Reign of the Judges

We've been reading the Book of Mormon with the Stake since February.  We started a tradition of all saying "reign of the Judges" together and dramatically whenever that is mentioned in the scriptures. We just finished Helaman with many instances of it.  Those that are following along in their scriptures are more likely to catch on faster than those that are just listening.  B loves to echo so we wait for his little voice like the other shoe dropping, after we chime in.  Then we hear his little voice, sometimes from another room, "The Reign of the Judges!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ted talk Tuesday

Tonight we started a new tradition; Ted Talk Tuesday.  We watched Malcolm Gladwell's talk about Choice, happiness, and spaghetti sauce.  P and I really like Ted Talks.  The kids like watching videos but hadn't known about Ted Talks until tonight.  I hope to show the kids great ideas and also that it's really awesome to become an expert at something and be able to articulate your ideas to others.

The only other place we see people speaking in any way close to this is at church.  Most people who speak at church love the gospel but there is a culture of self depreciation at church.  People actually say they don't like to give a talk.  I think the idea is to project humility, but it comes across as is they don't want to speak.  I guess a lot of people don't want to get up and talk in front of others, but I think it's useful to force that culture on everyone else.  Lay speaking is really important and you can't leave it to just the people who like talking.  It's a service that needs to be done and complaining doesn't make it better.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Today we had various challenges.  Mostly it was a quiet day but after dropping my mom off at the airport we realized her phone was still in the car.  I sent M and G in to see if they could see her at the service desk.  Apparently they went into the bowels of the airport enough to know she had passed security.  The guy monitoring the waiting and drop off area gave me permission to take the phone to the desk myself, but they wouldn't take it.  They did page my mom so we went and parked the car to take everyone in.  I'm so glad I called P who sensibly said I should just park.  It was an obvious next step but somehow I was worried that if I left the curb, my mom may come out and I wouldn't be there.  We met up with her in the food court and got to say goodbye again.

Later in the evening we got free slurpies.  The kids were so grateful to share around 1 small slurpie.  They didn't make a mess and were so, so, so grateful.  I love to treat them and not let them get too entitled.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

We made it!

 We went to the river and got everything packed into the cars prior to boarding the trams.  One of the things that was locked in the car was my waterproof camera.  Oh well.  I was holding baby on a raft and it was sort of really top heavy.  So it's a good thing I wasn't also trying to juggle a camera.  L was so wiggly for 98% of the ride.  Those moments of serenity when I could scan for the other children and notice the clear water, were really nice.
 We had a picnic out of the back of the van.
 We didn't have a table but the rafts served us well yet again.
 Everyone had plenty to eat and time to dry off.  We hardly used any towels which was interesting to me since I'd packed a huge bucket of them.  We usually don't have enough towels.
 L is 2 now and it's interesting to see how the family dynamic changes.  He's still in diapers but not nursing.  He doesn't talk much but he communicates a lot.  We look forward to how in just a year we'll be able to enjoy a lot of activities without the baby dynamic.
At church one of us is often out in the hall with L.  The other 4 can sit in the pew and entertain themselves very well.  It's amazing to think what church will be like in just 1 or 2 years. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

lazy river

We've gone to this river many times while we've lived here.  Usually about once a year we get together with the Porters and float the river.  2 years ago we bought our own boats, but because of sickness each time we scheduled a float, we still haven't used them!

So we're planning to go this weekend and I'm excited.  I'm trying to remember to just have a good time and enjoy the beauty.  We have a waterproof camera that makes it easier to make beautiful and amazing memories. 

When my family had a family reunion in 2006 we all went.  It was so awesome to have that big group and do something so beautiful. 

Doing anything with children can make it so you can hardly enjoy the beauty or meaning of your setting.  I hope to enjoy their wonder more.  It's been long enough since we went that it will be a completely different experience for lP, and B has no memory of it.  I'm so glad we're gong to be able to go.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


I bore my testimony today about how we're like diamonds.  We are precious and have amazing potential.  We can become something symbolic or decorative.  We can also become capable of drilling through anything.  And we can choose what we become.

lP wanted to bear her testimony too.  She stood and started talking and then signing what she was trying to express.  She told the story of how one time she fell while going down a slide.  She felt like her arm was broken.  So we went to the doctor and she prayed.  It turned out that her arm was not broken and she said prayer helps. 

I also know prayer helps.  I'm so pleased with lP's figuring this out.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

a moment to reflect

We went out to eat last night for our anniversary.  The children were pretty good.  Thanks to Wendy's 4 for $4 the kids have seen the inside of a restaurant more often than in any other period of their lives.  And thanks to our choice of Golden Corral there was no need to occupy hungry kids while we waited for dinner.  Yay!  It was hectic but not terrible.  The baby was the only one who dropped food or cried.  It was nice.

Later that night we stopped by a neighbors house for a party she'd invited us to for her sister.  It was a small party and the children were again very well behaved. 

I got to go to a wedding reception tonight and just took the 3 older children.  They each only had 1 soda and didn't make a mess or much noise.  I'm grateful for moments to just be out and not frazzled chasing them.

I was reading my old blog and I was as frazzled with 2 littles as I am with 5.  Having a baby always makes it hectic.  I'm looking forward to life in about 1-2 years when everyone is pretty chill, maybe
: )  Even going to the beach is less stressful.  The older 3 can swim and take turns playing on the beach with the little 2.  It's so nice.  I need to go more often.

When they grow up and say they're from Florida, and people ask if they went to the beach all the time, I'd like for them to say "Yeah, pretty much."