Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New friend

Today we drove north to hang out with a family we've known of for almost 3 years. They have a deaf son 2 years older than G and all of their other 6 children (4 birth, 3 adopted, 2 deaf) sign. So we've been hoping to hang out with them. Also the mom is Chinese and the dad is Caucasian so the biological kids look just like me!

At long last the reality was achieved and we arrived only 40 minutes late. Hurray for a friend that says, "Let's do this every Wednesday" and who says "Stay all day" and who has teenage kids who want to hold the baby and watch the kids because they think they're so cute! Hurray for every person in the house being able to sign with G. Hurray for 2 dogs, 4 rabbits and 4 chickens for M to wash, pet, feed, and altogether enjoy!

It was a great day.

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