Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The house looks clean"

That's what P said when he came home today.
"The house looks clean" I replied.

The last few days have been a big crazy. We're trying to find a place to rent month to month while the short sale process goes through (hopefully). In the midst of this, my land lord calls to ask if a friend of his can come by to see the place because she might like to rent it after we're done.

Having gone to see several houses recently where there were people living in them my mind is filled with all the criticism the realtors load on them. Whenever they say "Oh, look at all this junk.... " I think and sometimes say "eh, I'm not the most tidy myself."

So here I had the dilemma of being the person to be judged. Lovely.

On top of that is my need to be packing up so we can move.

The cherry on top is that bP has reached the lovely stage of crawling around the house pulling things from every surface in reach.

So I tried to tidy up but all I really wanted to do was pack. So I did a combo that in the end resulted in putting the clutter from the floor into a storage bin. So bad.

The lady came, looked around, said nice things, chatted, and finally left.

So now I have made a vow to finish the cleaning or packing that I didn't quite finish. And it isn't even so hard because now that it's consolidated, rather than scattered across the floor and under the table etc... I feel like in the end this was good for my overall home management.

The goal is that tomorrow the house will actually be clean.

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