Friday, September 25, 2015

put down the FB and step away

It's so hard to remember that there are people at the other end of a heated discussion about respect and proper behavior.  It's nice to imagine that manners were better back in the days when "everyone knew their place" ironic...  But we live in a time where everyone is recognizing their own worth and casting off the condemnation and subjugation of the previous ruling class.  It must be very hard on the ruling class.

My most recent indiscretion was on a post about "War on Christians".  It's got me thinking about what really tears down Christian values.  Things like porn, hollywood, the KKK, Disneyland being open on Sunday... those things are leading people to break commandments.  Adultery, false witness, killing,, the Sabbath...  False Gods, yep.  Dishonoring our parents, yep.  Coveting...that's what FB is all about.

I should probably focus my time and energy on raising my kids instead of raising a ruckus.


Today I lost a friend.  Not like someone I hang out with, because I only hang out with P, but you know, a FB friend.  I was too blunt in my comments about the imagined war on Christianity.  So she un-friended me.  That's probably good.  She also sent me a sincere message about how LGTB aren't such a minority.  But if they're not a minority, that would make them a majority, which wouldn't make sense.

Conservatives like to say there is a "War on Christianity" over things like Frito-lay giving rainbow chips to people that donate to an LGTB website.  I'm tired of this 1st world problems.  But I'm glad I don't have 3rd world problems, like an actual war on Christianity, where people are killed and driven from their homes.

I hate FB.  I need to break up with it.

Someone posted "Hurray" for "Mississippi having prayer in their schools."  What kind of prayer?  The right kind I'm sure.  But I don't want my kids praying to any God but ours.  I feel uncomfortable that they weekly hear someone giving a fairly generic prayer at the homeschool group.  Considering that Mississippi is so proud of the confederate flag, I just feel dubious about prayer in their schools.  I'm not a trinitarian and that is pretty important.