Saturday, June 11, 2011

Party like it's your Happy Birthday 4th!

Gotta love the exercise band M has taken to wearing.
It went all according to plan! The only "crisis" was that we forgot the pinata. P volunteered to go back for it (1 hour round trip). Hurray for kids getting along. Hurray for so much wonderful weather and so many good friends.
This little guy in the middle is M's special buddy. Between church and homeschool things in common, it'll be fun watching them grow up.
M and I made this pinata together. In the past I have made them with paper mache. This one is just cereal boxes and tape. Despite the fact that you could see the candy through the cracks it held together through every child having a turn. I'm not a fan of actually hitting the pinata (it just seems wrong to have a themed party where you beat the object of the theme ex: Dora the Explorer, get candy for doing it) and so I built it with strings that would rip off the bottom. When we got to that point and each child had a string P counted to 3 and we ripped off the bottom. Squeal! It was awesome.

Somehow it was an amazing day. We had a party for M in St. Augustine from 11-1. Then we drove to Gainesville to have "Birthday Cake Ice Cream" with Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa and L. Then we went down to the park to attend a farewell that was part reunion. I say "Somehow it was an amazing day" because it was a very busy day. But it was so full of friends and fun. We're so lucky.

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