Sunday, December 27, 2015

Riding the bus

On Tuesday P took lP and B to a theme park that offers free tickets to little kids and teachers.  G, M, L and I had a day spread before us.  I thought we'd get some cleaning done and maybe do some shopping.  Then I had an idea for an adventure of our own, riding the bus!  In G-town the bus came to a stop outside our apartment.  P had a student pass so it was free.  We used it to go up to the hospital and campus.  So the bus was a symbol of a novel time for us.

I'm big on teaching the kids life skills, so riding the bus is important.  This is a small town, and the bus service is not very extensive.  I did a little research about times and found a route that would hopefully get us to the places we wanted to go.  Then we drove 3 miles to the Publix to get on a bus.

We walked down the sidewalk, and crossed at the very dangerous crosswalk.  It's very dangerous because the place where pedestrians cross is 15-20 feet from where the cars wait to turn.  So there is no proximity to let them know you're there.  And they can get up to lethal speed before they hit you.  I talked to the kids about that and explained how they need to be defensive and look at the drivers.  If the drivers don't obviously see you, don't walk.

Across the street, we got to hang out with some lovely trees that we've driven by for 8 years but never climbed.  At 1:10 we got serious about standing by the sign, there are no benches, and watching for the bus.  At 1:22 it came and we waved, as the man on the info line had instructed me.  The bus flashed it's lights and we stepped back from the pole to avoid getting hit.  There are no bus pull off lanes.  They just pull half way off the road into the dirt.

I'd giving the kids each enough quarters to make the trip and they were in charge of having their fare ready.  They'd never paid to ride a bus before so that was exciting to them.  And later when we had to switch buses because in my haste, we'd gotten on the wrong bus, M ran out of money.  We talked about what to do.  But I just gave them more money, instead of asking strangers for money...

It was a good outing.  M had so much fun she wants to do this every year. 

Love on the rocks, whatever that means...

We've recently fallen in love with Vilano again.  We hadn't gone for a few years.  Then this fall I thought we'd go out and it's become the place to go.
 These rocks are fun to climb on and full of interesting and dangerous life; barnacles and oysters.  Small fish come in with the tide and we can catch them in the rocks.
   Yesterday as we were there playing, I saw a shark (!) no it was a
dolphin.  In my shock, I leaped up on a slippery rock with L in the sling.  Fortunately I didn't sprain my thumb as I did 4 years ago when I thought I saw a shark, and we were in the water at Vilano.
I love this beautiful place.