Monday, June 24, 2013

who needs college?

I came across some sites tonight (at last!) that have the music resources I've been searching for.
Beth's Music is amazing.

I'm glad I went to college.  I approached it very vocationally; I wanted to be a band director so I went and got the degree that would let me do that.  I am so grateful for the things I learned and the experiences I had.  I sometimes wish I'd explored other fields more, but I am glad I learned the things I learned.

I think the best thing I learned in college though, was to balance friends, job, learning etc...  At my school it was really easy to find jobs on campus that worked with a student schedule.

Also, I was feeling a little sad the other day that though I want to someday be on an adult volleyball or softball team, it's not likely.  I only ever played those sports with the Young Women, and that was sporadic.  So I don't have the skills and I'm not so good at acquiring new skills now.

But I am really grateful that I learned to sight read and notate music.  Those skills are a blessing to me and I know I could never pick them up in my current distracted life. 

Those teen and early 20's years are gold.  The things you spend your time and efforts in during that time are life long investments.

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