Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How did that happen?

M is turning 6 tomorrow!  5 has been awesome.  What candle can 6 hold to 5.  I don't know.

Today we made the first grand motion toward making the moon room into the girls room.  Mostly that was shifting furniture and clothes and starting with a cleaned floor (and admonition to keep it that way).  The amazing precursor to this was the last month of unintentional prep.  We planned to someday move the girls into the other room.  With 2 boys and 2 girls, it makes sense to have a boys room and a girls room. 

Last month the kids were wild.  It was a week before my mom came, and the kids were wild.  They were banned, again, from playing in the moon room.  And I made a dramatic change in our night time routine.  No more would we have scriptures and prayer at 9, followed by 2 hours of play time in the room.  The kids were waking earlier to get in some bonus computer time (our version of morning cartoons).  So going to bed earlier was good.  The new routine was 8pm all media turned off, play and read with mom.  Mostly they choose to play.  9pm is still scriptures and prayer, but then they go to a dark room and mostly go to sleep.

Baby B is now 3 weeks old.  P is back to work, so I'm off to sleep in another room.  It's sort of funny how co-sleeping for us has more often meant I sleep with the baby in another room. 

So tonight the girls went to their new room, with no lights on.  We sang songs and then they actually went to sleep.  G, now the master of his own room, got to stay up reading.  Hurray! 

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