Thursday, June 27, 2013

Once upon a time...

G and M are having a great time holding B.  It turns out my kids thrive on routine.  Their daily computer time, practice, scripture and prayer awesome.  Add daily time holding B and it's working out great.  They are so good at accepting mom and dad's arbitrary rules.  I think that will be an important life skill.

 Tonight I tried to go to the store and use coupons with 4 kids.  It was hard.  But when corn dogs are on sale and you've got a coupon, the kids are willing to behave pretty good.  B was freaking out at the back of the store and I was so close to walking out.  But M had a bag of cheese that she'd been wanting and had even chipped in her hard earned dollar toward buying.  So we found and empty aisle and waited it out.  I let my kids get a cookie or a balloon, and P always wants a balloon.  But then,  faced with the reality of M getting a cookie, P chose cookie too.

Once upon a time B's eyes were blue.

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