Saturday, June 1, 2013


Last night P told me of a recent conversation with M.  On the subject of college, she said it is important for her to go to college so that after she gets married, if her husband becomes bad, she can take her family away from him, to protect them, and she can get a job to support them. 

I've tried not to let M know about hard things like divorce.  I have talked about a similar situation with her but it involved the dad getting sick and not being able to work. 

Heavy things.

On a lighter note... I have a great new skirt, made from a shirt.  It started as sort of a mu-mu-tank-top with pockets.  With very slight alterations, now it is a skirt, with pockets.  I'd thought of sewing up the pockets, or moving them to a more conventional height.  Then I realized that the low (cargo pants height) pockets are awesome.  1. they weigh down the skirt.  2. they don't add fabric to the belly area. 

That's all for today.  OK, not all, because B is still crazy cute.

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