Sunday, June 30, 2013


We went to the beach yesterday and met up with some friends.  B slept the whole time.
Right after we arrived and I found my friend, suddenly I was surrounded by some sweet ladies from the ward.  I tried to introduce my friend, not realizing that they were mostly wanting to see B.  I've been to church to work with Primary 3 weeks now, but never brought B.  So I forget that people are eager to see him.
The big kids take their boards and do a good job of not drowning.  It's amazing how they are growing up and able to do so much.  Every night someone wants to help make dinner, even lP.
Last week G went to scout camp.  This was his first mainstream experience.  We were really anxious that he would have a hard time socializing, understanding, or worst case scenario, freak out (which he sometimes does).  He's been doing scouting for 6 months with the other 3 boys in the ward troop.  And it turns out he has mad paper airplane skills.   He had a great time.

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