Friday, June 21, 2013

game changer

Car seats consume a lot of attention around here.  For each child there is thought extended for what they will sit in.  And as more children came, the how to fit them into the car became more and more complex.  Thanks to the sunshine radian car seat, we have been able to fit 3 seats into our Sentra.  I think we got the first one because G was too tall for the 5 point harness carseat, but not heavy enough for a booster.  Then we got a second one when lP was born to fit 3 into the back seat.

So now we have a van.  M and G have been in boosters on and off but it's always hard for them to buckle in.  The buckle is so far down, it's really hard to get to it.  Bless them for putting up with it for so long. 

I wanted to get another booster so we could use the more fuel efficient car when we could technically fit in it.  Like next week G is at scout camp, so I can use the sentra all week.  But moving car seats is really a hassle.  I was tempted to buy a bubble bum seat, which is the most narrow booster on the market.  But it's $40 and inflatable.  I love the comfort factor of an inflatable seat, but P said, "if it can inflate, it can deflate."

So I got a Harmony booster (not particularly narrow but not a monster) from the consignment store for $8 and ordered 2 seat belt extenders.  The seats are in there tight, but it doesn't matter anymore because the buckle is right there on the seat, easy to get to.  M was so excited to buckle up and exclaim with her signature rapture "It's so easy, Yay!"

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