Wednesday, June 12, 2013

good deal, know your market

I went to the Crocs outlet today to get these shoes, and got a bunch of deals that left me feeling like it is my lucky day and I want to go back and buy more, more, more!

What's great about that is that I got shoes for a great deal.  The same thing happened around new year when I got a great deal on G's shoes.  So after today's great deal I was thinking, "Wow, the outlets are a great place to get a great deal."  Then I thought, maybe the sales clerks are trained to give people great deals, since that is the sort of people who sop at outlet stores, people who like to get a great deal.

But still, I am excited about these shoes because they are comfortable, cute, slip on (no buckles, laces or straps) and best of all, I won't be getting fire ant bites on my toes!

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