Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Vacation

 So far we're doing great on the summer vacation.  We're doing crafty things.
 This is a thank you card M wrote out herself.  Rather, she started by writing the first letter of every word she wanted to write, then asked for the spellings over the next 30 minutes...  She is tenacious.
The kids are so thrilled to be allowed to play in their buckets of water.  That sounds so sad.  But it's really fun.  This part of the patio is actually never used and I dream that someday we'd put a real pool in this part, with a screen covering that just continues the roof line.  Awesome : )
And this little guy is so crazy cute.  His eyes are more blue/brown than any of my previous kids.  I feel like his dramatic coloring is just here for a limited time.  His hair is so bright when we're outside.

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