Monday, October 17, 2011

what you struggle with

We've had some struggles, pretty major ones, put we're so blessed and happy. As I meet people struggling different things, I am frequently brought up short. I hear their struggle and can't imagine how I could endure that. Yet the things we've struggled with are a huge deal to other people. They are just part of life.

I remember meeting a mother with a child in the waiting room at shands. He baby had some definite developmental delays and a feeding tube. We commiserated and when she learned that my baby had cancer, she was like "Woah, that's hard!"

We were watching an HGTV show and as the renovators struggled with the tragedy of how ugly the stair railing was P said "1st world problems."

My other ax to grind lately is the idea that population control is never applied to pets. C'mon. You've seen the extreme consumerism for the sake of pets, extravagant use of medical resources, and at the least huge BMs. I actually love animals. I don't feel like they are as important as children.

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