Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good thing I forgot to post this picture in the post about Halloween costumes.

I got a call at 3:03 yesterday from the title company trying to schedule the closing for 4pm today! Bummer that we already paid November rent. Bummer that we don't have payment lined up. Bummer that we could have moved in earlier!

My dad smartly decided to just send the check in the mail because we shouldn't have to pay to overnight it because they gave short notice.

So the seller will sign today and when we have the check we'll do a walk through and then close. That could be as early as Friday!

Or it may be next Tuesday as planned. Oh well.


My sister mentioned that I've been blogging up a storm and that maybe the house buying process is the cause. Probably. There is so much there to talk about that is out of the usual bragging about how cute and smart the kids are. Also it is exciting and makes me want to share my excitement with all of you.

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