Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stay on the boat!

So, I've been off the healthy lifestyle boat for quite some time. I'm really looking forward to the neighborhood of our new house. The house itself is on a street that is a 1 mile loop. Being a gated neighborhood, I don't anticipate feeling as awkward about being seen by passersby. Just the neighbors who will just have to get used to it.

And I am eating more healthy. I think I resolve this every October. It's my own personal unseasonable new year. If nothing else my goal to eat more healthy just mitigates the damage of the holiday over-indulgences. But this year I have a partner in healthy eating. M loves fruits, veggies, soups, everything! So when I make my own breakfast and lunches in a more healthy vein, I can just say "ditto" and have food for her and bP too.

AND as I am beginning to notice, my eating effects my mood. I do tend to get short tempered when I'm hungry. But when I'm eating healthy, I can tell M why we need to leave the Fountain of Youth, rather than nag her. I was worried that I was an emotional eater, but I hope it turns out that I am emotional when I eat crap, so then I eat more of the same.

Today was crazy busy. Luckily we don't have to be anywhere before 9:45. But after we dropped G off we went to the post office. Then when M asked to go to the Fountain of Youth I said yes, because I had eaten a healthy breakfast (egg sandwich). Later we went home and had a can of soup with a cup of frozen veggies (warmed up in the soup). Not like these are miraculously healthy, but they are better than impulse eating.

We went to go get G and then it was off to Speech, then off to the splash park, then stop by the fabulous L family to pick up a tool and chat while the kids played in the yard. Then it was a stop at the wonderful Y family's to drop of tool and admire what a beautiful family they are. M and bP had fallen asleep so G got the full attention when we got home to do homework until 5:30 when we had gymnastics.

So it was a busy day. And I didn't freak out once. M fell on the way out of speech and I just picked her up and comforted her. She bit her cheek at L's house and I was able to focus on her and calm her down. Since I had to wake her up for gymnastics, and carry everything out to the car, and she woke up on the couch and thought she was left behind, and couldn't find her leotard, and came out of the house crying... I was able to just comfort her and get her the things she needed.

I feel so proud of how today went. Here's to many happy days of better food for a happier mom.

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Okishdu said...

Having an egg sandwich, especially if you eat it on whole wheat bread, is a great start for the morning. Getting protein into your system gives you staying power. The invention of breakfast cereals by a couple of vegetarians (Kellog and Post)wasn't all that bad at first, but the modern version amounts to something little better than a cookie and milk for breakfast, although come to think of it, most cookies have more protein in the form of eggs. I find that if I don't have some protein in the morning I get faint and a little woozy before noon.