Thursday, October 6, 2011

Have some decency

Today as we waited for G's speech appointment a man was having a terrible discussion with his mother. He is in a wheel chair, seems to have something bolted to one shin, and about 60 years old. His mother in her 80s and I have had conversations in the past about how cute the kids are. So I've seen them before and talked with the mother a little anyway. Today he was really having issues. He was telling her how she should be ashamed for how she treats him. He was threatening her physically. He went on to call her terrible things and I eventually said "There are children present, and you don't have to talk that way to your mother."

I don't know their situation. Quite likely he's suffering from some severe depression. What sort of strange dynamic would call for a mother accompanying her son to appointments and putting up with such abuse?


Mom of 12 said...

That's so sad! I've done the speech thing before.

Okishdu said...

I've often seen people take their personal issues into public places and I think your comment was justified. No matter how miserable he felt, he should indeed 'have some decency'.