Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So somebody was throwing out what looked like a leather couch. On closer inspection I found that it wasn't just a leather sofa, it was a really nice leather sofa. Many leather sofas are just leather on the seating areas. This leather sofa was leather on seating, sides, back everything! Too bad it was trash. But I asked the owner if I could cut some of the leather off it. In the end I got about 5 yards of nice leather from it. That's going to make a lot of soft shoes.

Another recycling story for you is that I have kept my cloth diapers even the ones that had died (no longer watertight). I figured I'd find a way to make them work. I've used a few as swim diapers for bP. But today I figured out how to sew a scrap from the diapers I made and put it into the diapers from G and M. Wahoo! Some of those diapers are so cute. Some of my favorite diaper are some orange with blue trim diapers that were apparently laminated with rubber cement. Seriously, they lost their integrity fast. But if this method works, I will have 6 diapers good as new! On top of my 10 diapers that actually are new, this will bring me up to a lot of diapers. Good thing my 3 gallon diaper pail recently broke (sadly we found that the hinge was plastic, but it served us well for 7 years) and I ordered a 5 gallon pail. Because I'm going to need that extra capacity.

Once around is not enough.

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