Saturday, October 1, 2011

bP is amazing

bP has a typical if awesome sign vocabulary for a 12 month old baby. Eat, more, please, cheese, yes, ball. Sometimes she'll throw in an appropriate imitation of Hungry or Again. Tonight she blew me away signing Pray and Brush teeth on her own.

We have one month to go in our lovely mobile home situation. We didn't let bP on the ground at all for the first 2 1/2 months that we lived here. Finally we set up a barrier using the desk, couch and a bench, to keep her out of the kitchen, trash can, and bathroom half of the mobile home.

The other day the neighbor girls were over playing with the train set that usually goes under the bench and keeps bP contained. Ever since then bP has been demanding freedom. Today P figured out how to keep the bin in place, using some of that self lining/ rug lining to keep the bin more stuck. bP is furious.

The neighbor girls. I don't really know what to do with them. They are like 8-9 year olds and they just want to come over and hang out. They ask for food I'm not really cool with that. On Wednesday they had been over, then left. M, bP and I were napping, and G was playing on the computer. I woke to the sound of the neighbor girls in my house asking G (the deaf child who let them in) where his little sister was. Ahhhh! Boundaries. Thursday when they came over I was sort of relieved to be able to tell them that M was throwing up and we couldn't have them over. Then they asked for cookie dough which they know we keep in the freezer. What do you say?

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vtricia said...

Tell yourself their mom probably wouldn't appreciate your giving them stuff. For me at least, but I have a pack of hungry hippos and if I knew a neighbor was feeding them, especially cookie dough, I'd be upset. Don't tell them this. But you just can't let kids eat whatever them ask for. If they eat too much of something, don't buy it. That's what I seem to be learning, anyway. And what if Geoff had let in a steak salesman? He needs to learn that.