Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today we were shopping for a replacement diaper pail and instead found lots of other nice things.
One of them was a sewing kit. Actually we got 2, lucky!

So as M sat at the table working on her puppy sewing project, she sang the tune of
"It's raining it's pouring" with these words:

"I'm sewing, I'm sewing Oxny Oxy ohh
I can sew, I can sew, I really can sew
The first time I tried to sew I couldn't do
it but now I finally can.
The first morning I couldn't do it good
but now I really can.
It's good that mom bought us this toy
because it's really good.
It's raining it's pouring.....
we really did buy this"

totally worth $2.00

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