Monday, October 17, 2011

a new day

Our house that we're buying is so amazingly superior to our current situation. Some basic life improvements will be a functioning oven and stove top.

The garage is like the HGTV garage. It's got cabinetry all around it, windows, side entrance and most important, I can let the girls fall asleep in the car and leave them in the garage.

It's got a long driveway for tons of roller skate, scooter, bike, chalk-tastic fun.

It has an orange tree! We don't know if there tasty yet, but it's 16' tall and fruit bearing. I assume they wouldn't have kept it that long if the fruit wasn't worth keeping.

The seller is downsizing to a one bedroom apartment so she's leaving most of the furnishings. All these years that P has said "We'll get furniture when we get a house." Who knew he was so psychic?

It's on a well and septic system. It has an acre of lawn and trees we get to maintain. The patio is larger than any house we've lived in.

2 weeks to closing.

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