Sunday, October 2, 2011

early morning siphon

The kids woke up with plans. G wanted to make a straw machine just like Twist of the Fresh Beat Band apparently had. So he got bendy straws and tape. Of course M needed the same, so we got to work making our straw machines. Then the kids were trying to drink out of a water bottle using their 5 ft straws. They stood on stools and sucked as hard as they could, but they weren't air tight.
M figured out that if she sat under the table she could get a little water. She and G took turns sitting under the table and squealing in delight watching the results.

The appeal of it all had died down a bit, I was checking my email when I heard water pouring on the floor. I spun around thinking they'd knocked the water bottle over. No, everything was in its usual clutter, upright. Water was just pouring out of the straw. What!?

Oh, it's a... a... Siphon! "Cool M, got get a towel." We then watched this video about siphons which led us to videos of balloons getting popped in slow motion. Then we stumbled upon this video of a 6 foot water balloon. We watched that one twice just because it was funny. Later when M wanted to jump on dad with bP, we were able to recall how 1 person won't break the 6 foot balloon, but 2 people will.


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