Friday, February 3, 2017

loving life

The weather has been just cold enough to make you really appreciate the warmth of the sun.  We've been spending so much time on the back porch.
We have a tarp out there that the kids were using as a fort.
Then P mounted some hooks so it would become a shady spot in the summer.  Hypothetically we'll take it down at some point.  It hasn't gotten old yet.  I laid the baby out there for a nap yesterday.  Today the girls were laying out blankets.  lP and I did several pages on a blanket out there today.  It is so nice!

B is very motivated about doing his daily work.  I love having kids that are eager to learn and grow.  I love having them at home where they are learning so much from each other.  And I love giving them this time where they can tattle to me all they want and know they each can be heard, unless they use an annoying tone of voice.  Then it's "too bad." 

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