Thursday, February 23, 2017


On Sunday I talked to some dear friends.  They have been really working hard this past year to take control of their health.  I've been not eating sugar, or sugar replacements, except bananas...  Anyway they encouraged me to start exercising.  So I started getting up at 7:30 and walking the mile loop we are blessed to have here.  So far it's going great!  M started waking up and going with me too.  Monday I was solo.  Tuesday and Wednesday it was me with baby and M.  Today it was just me and M.  My hips are aching less and my legs are getting used to it.   Yay!

Yesterday I was feeling a spring fever so I re-organized the front room.  It was a minor change, not so drastic as I'd been thinking.  But sometimes drastic changes just leave a big mess and I have to keep track of little kids.  And I wanted to chop off my hair, which I did this morning after we walked.

Scriptures and prayer is in a few minutes.  I'm really enjoying mornings.  Something I hate about daylight savings is how it seems like every year I'm just getting into a good groove and then the time change throws us off and there go my good habits.  Not this year.

With all the edicts coming down from Washington, I wish DST would go away.  "President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted year-round DST in the United States in 1942."  I like a lot of what FDR did but not DST.

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