Sunday, February 12, 2017

doing some good

When things are going badly, talking about it or freaking out, don't help.  I forget this often.  I like to borrow trouble, worrying about things that are not my business.  I like to be upset about things that don't actually impact my life except for the way that I'm letting myself be unhappy about them. 

The weather has been so gorgeous lately.  And our outdoor areas are so lovely to be in.  We set up hammocks recently.  I laid out on the back porch and did a personal progress activity.  It was so peaceful.  These are the sort of restful activities that fill my reservoirs of peace to get through stressful times.

Sometimes life is actually difficult and even perilous.  Screaming about a tragedy doesn't make anyone safer or undo any injury.  Prayer helps.  Knowing you did everything you could to prevent it helps.  Being at peace with yourself is important.

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