Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Act your wage

Before we were the kind of family to buy a brand new board game, we bought "Act your wage".  I was not impressed by "Monopoly" which teaches a very selfish, competitive view of money.  And I felt that "Life" was totally unrealistic.  "Act Your Wage" has life cards and debt cards and the goal is just to get out of debt.    And along the way real life events happen like -your kids need braces, -you get a second job delivering pizza...

Tonight I took the game to church and played it with the Young Women.  8 girls came so we modified the play a little.  I just used 2 markers and had 4 girls go at a time.  One team landed on every Save.  The other seemed to land on every Give.  They got to experience the real ups and downs of financial dealings and being able to put their money toward regular things like food, utilities, rent, etc...  I'm thrilled with how the game went.  The girls got to bring up their knowledge of some things, but showed how many things they only have a vague idea of.  I hope I get to talk to them some more about finances!

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