Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I've been a devils advocate in the story of our Premortal choice.  It just didn't make sense to me that satan would have the ability to make us all be good.  I thought it made more sense that his plan was to make it so there was no law, (and therefore no God), so everyone was able to return to the heaven with no entrance requirements. 

On Sunday P was showing M a video of John Cage's 4:33.  In this rendition the artist sits at the piano, closes the cover on the keys and starts the timer.  I thought that's perhaps what satan had in mind.  We would literally not be able to make any bad choices.  And yes, then we wouldn't need a savior, because we'd never be allowed to sin.  But what a waste of God's creation.

With the lid open, the keys exposed, there is opportunity for terrible sounds.  Fudged attempts.  Raucous, bawdy music, yeah.  But there is also opportunity for the magnificence of melody.  The beauty of youthful attempts that gradually become more and more pleasing to the ear. 

M is so good a the piano.  I just can't believe how good she is and what a joy it is to me.  I still get on her case when she doesn't use the right fingering and stumbles all over a passage.  I still get on her when she plows right through a section with wrong chords in the left hand.  Ugh!  But I also tell her how please I am with her progress and how much I love the music she is making.

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