Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fixing the plumbing

On Friday we woke up to no water.  We have a well and a water softener, and an airator.  So there are many expensive pieces of equipment that could have been the cause of this.  After a brief pause, to recognize that this was an emergency, we called the repair company.  At first they were going to send someone on Monday.  Then P let them know that this was the household water and not the yard water.  So they sent someone Friday and it was only $150.  Phew!  We didn't even exhaust the emergency fund.

Today as C taught a lesson in the Young Women, this scenario came up.  The lesson was on Choice and Accountability.  Sometimes you have to choose between a good and a bad.  Sometimes you have to choose between a good and another good.  Sometimes you are forced to choose between 2 things, neither of which are attractive.  This was the case with us and the water. 

This is also the case when we need to talk to our parents or the bishop about a mistake.  We are choosing between the unknown price of pride, and just leaving the mess.  Too often people leave the mess, leave themselves stuck in guilt and unable to progress.  But when you humble yourself and confess to the bishop, you get the help to move on.  You can do it!

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