Sunday, February 2, 2014

I love form drawing

We participate in a schooling method called Waldorf.  The homeschool co-op we are in has several experts in it, and I do my best to go along with the groove.   One of my favorite subjects in this method is Form Drawing. 

This link has examples of the art, but I don't understand the language. 

We use these block crayons on their side and they have a delicious drag to them.  You know how RoseArt crayons were sort of waxy and sometimes had little hard bits in them?  Well that bothered me as a kid.  Crayola had more consistent colors and I liked that.  But these beeswax crayons are so luscious. 

I tell a story as I draw the form on the easel.  Then the children draw the form in chalk on the chalk board.  Lastly they draw the form into their books.

I love that it turns the physical act of drawing into a gross motor activity.  Instead of fine motor trying to make some thing, you have these strong wide strokes that re-telling a story.  And you fill the whole space with color.  I like that.

G loves doing it, and I love that.  We never did enough art together.  Paint is too messy.  It just is.  And generally kids get so into details, and it doesn't come across very beautiful.

With form drawing, it is all so graceful and I love it.

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