Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good chocolate and bad chocolate

I've heard people say that kids don't care if they are getting good chocolate or bad chocolate.  It's all chocolate to them.  I have to agree.  Because I see with my kids that they'll do anything for chocolate.  They'll bang their head into the back of the seat just because they are bored, and then "Hey, mom just gave me some chocolate!"  They'll pick at each other and fight because mom's bound to show up with some chocolate sooner or later.

I try and get them to do nice things with the hope that good chocolate will motivate them.  But they say "No Thanks".  They're happy with the bad stuff.

I'm glad they don't have handles, even though that makes it hard to manipulate them.

So the trick is to get them to develop a taste for the good stuff.  Take time with them, and give them good chocolate for the slightest positive turn.  So eventually they crave the good chocolate, and don't want the bad chocolate anymore.

Now, read this again, and think "attention" every time I wrote "chocolate".

As a person who hasn't developed a taste for good chocolate, I begin to see why my kids haven't developed a taste for my good attention... boo.  Try again!

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