Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Late, optomistically

bB has 4 teeth, but not the top incisors.  I think lP's teeth did this too.  I know it's not standard, but when his came in this way I thought it seemed familiar.

So, I'm always late.  Taking G to school.  Picking him up.  Taking him to speech.  Going to homeschool group.  Going to church.  Meetings...  As I've had more children my mass increases and it's just harder to get us going.  And I'm an optimist.  That's the real issue.  I always think that the drive will take the "best case scenario" and it never does.

But I can't stand to be a pessimist!  I'll never bother even trying!

I talked it over with P and he suggested that I think about how much people will like it that I'm early.  He knows I'm a people pleaser...  I need to just accept the idea of leaving 30 minutes to travel anywhere in the city.  And it's ok to have a few minutes when I get there to look around or talk with the kids.

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