Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All the pieces

We had a little boy over to play.  His mom just gave birth and they're living in a shelter.  I feel this pull of "If I were a good person I would invite them to live with us."  But I don't want to ruin my marriage, or my children's childhood... and becoming her support network would cost me those sacred blessings.

The little boy kept finding pieces of this 60 piece floor puzzle.  He'd take about 10 pieces away from the play area, and try to fit them together.  It's sort of an abstract puzzle and the pieces are really big.  He kept taking the pile of pieces back and getting new ones.  I felt bad for him that he didn't know it was all a big puzzle and he needed all the pieces to have success.

So I got out some wooden peg puzzles, much more clear.  He did just fine.  He had a framework and knew the shape of each piece and where it should go.

I feel really blessed.  Gratitude is a pretty important piece in my puzzle.

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