Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I'm reading about the Sochi and feeling very negative.  The olympics are a celebration of sports that people can't make money doing.  I'm not actually a fan of professional sports.  I like people doing things they love doing.  A reoccurring story of the olympics is that of the blue collar gold medalist.   The article puts forth the stark contrast between their ability to focus and brilliance on the competition field, versus their inability to earn a living wage.  Couldn't all that energy and focus be directed at working for money instead?  Or not.  But we can't all make money doing what we love.  And it's silly to be upset at the world for not paying us to do what we love. 

Maybe the Olympics should have an age cap, like 25 or something.  A lot of sports are naturally age limited.   A cap would let brilliant athletes focus their youth toward the tremendous goal of the olympics.  And then, with the opportunity closed by an age cap, they could turn their efforts to coaching, or going to college etc...  It's rough for the kids who peak at the wrong cycle of the games, but that's why I'm thinking 25 instead of 22.

I'm also upset by the waste that goes into creating sports arenas in developing countries. 

I got to participate a little in the Utah winter Olympics.  It was cool.  And there was so much waste.  Oh well.

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