Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful things

 Every once in a while I try something new with the camera and like the pictures I get.  Then I get lazy and go back to the old way.
 I found this sweet shirt for G about 5 years ago!  I kept thinking one day he'll be big enough for it.  Finally!  He can wear it.

 P was on vacation the whole week.  He was going to be attending Woodbadge on Thursday-Saturday, but his job only lets them take vacation weeks, not days.  So we had a fun Monday in Gainesville.  Then a very rainy Tuesday at home.  On Wednesday we were cruising along with the normal school week.  Then P suggested we go to the beach.  Go to the beach?  Oh yeah!  So we went to the beach after G finished his homework.  It was still only about 3pm and it turned out to be low tide.  It was breezy, but the tidal pools were warm!
  bB got splash in the water for the first time.  That probably doubled the bacteria in his system.  Yay!
 We tried to get a family picture but couldn't quite work it out.  At least we got this lovely one of M.  She's been running from the camera a lot lately.  And I don't have it out as often.  Something about having 4 kids makes it harder to do anything but make more rubber band bracelets!

One last little bit of wisdom I learned this week.  I've been in charge of singing time this week.  There are some kids who are not interested in singing.  As a musician I get it that not everyone is as into it as me.  But learning the songs and raising your voice in singing is as important as learning to read and know the doctrines of the church.  We have 2 ways to communicate with God; prayer and singing.  Music has the power to open our hearts and be touched by the spirit. 

I told the kids about the movie "Frozen" and the idea of the frozen heart that only you can heal.  Music opens your heart.  Good music lets the spirit testify the message.

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