Thursday, March 14, 2013

some ideas

In a departure from recent thoughts, let me share some home tips and information I find pleasing.  Since 2008 I've been using a "Yacks Bros. honey bottle as our ketchup bottle".  My mom later gave us some Wilson decorating bottles and we put mustard in the squeeze bottle as well.  I like to use a semi-opaque bottle so you can see how much is in there, where it is located, and if it has turned an unhealthy hue.

Recently I got a slightly larger bottle (12 oz.) for mayo and that is great.  I'd tried mayo with the smaller 8oz. bottles, but since I use 8 oz of mayo in one sandwich, the effort to return ratio was out of wack.  It just seemed like the bottle was always empty and since the point is to avoid needing to use a knife, that was a pain.

I love the squeeze bottle.  I recently asked the restaurant supply store to order some 4oz bottles for me so I could put vanilla etc... in them.  When I'm making peanut butter candy, I want just a little bit of imitation vanilla and even the fancy pour spout on the Mcormick bottle was to fussy for me.  I found that the caps of the bottles fit my Almond Extract and Mapleine bottles.  So now they have fancy tops too.

OK, next interesting find of the day.  If you take your own bags to Target, they give you $0.05 cents for each bag used.  That's pretty sweet I think.  I mean, I don't mind just having no bag.  When I shop at Save a lot I always just bring my bag, or go without.  Some people complain about having to buy the bags.  But Target's motivating me to always bring a bag.  Cool.

And last of all, the strange new phenomenon of plastic velcro at walmart.  I bought a bag of dehydrated cranberries in a resealable bag.  When I squeezed the closure, it felt rather flimsy, not the usual multi-milimeter wad of resealing magic.  Upon inspection there is a thin magical plastic velcro that seals really great.  I thought it was cool...


Gaia Iulia said...

My bulk vanilla extract bottle from the Sam's Club comes with a squeeze top essentially, and I love it.

Lucky Day said...

My imitation vanilla is in a 32 oz bottle, so it doesn't give just a drop or two that I want, but it's so cheap, it wouldn't bother me but for that it adds too much moisture.

The mapleine is great to have the new top on since it needs 1/4 tsp per batch, and you end up wasting half of that on what drips off the edge and gets dried out on the cap.

Yum bulk vanilla extract. I can't believe it is just like $6. Amazing.