Thursday, March 21, 2013

not the same

M lost her first legitimate tooth (not pulled by the dentist because it was rotting).  It was hanging on by a thread and she finally let me pull it on Thursday, before we went to Gainesville.  She really wanted to be able to get doughnuts (our alternative to the tooth fairy). 

Since then she has told several people how she didn't cry and that G did and it's so strange that he cried because he's much older than her... 

Today I took some nails and a board to show her the difference between her very loose tooth, and his 2 not loose at all teeth. 

It brings home a lesson about how we all struggle with different things.  Even if G's teeth had been loose, maybe he, being the first to loose teeth not under anesthesia, was really anxious about it.  And it hurt, and he was mad at us... 

Today at speech therapy there was a girl, maybe 12 years old, lying on the floor in the crowded clinic foyer.  To look at her there is nothing "wrong" with her.  But to hear the way she talks to her mom... and the fact that she continued to lay on the floor (with no comment from mom) even when the blind child kept being scolded by her mom, for walking near the girl laying on the floor... shows she has issues.  We all have challenges.

I'm grateful for my beautiful family.  I'm grateful for the growth we've made through hard times.  I'm grateful for the sunlight that streams through the west facing office window at 5:30pm. 

I'm so glad.

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