Sunday, March 10, 2013

food storage

Having previously lived in 2 bedroom apartments, our move to a 3 bedroom house with an office and formal front room leaves us swimming in space and I like it.  Things that I'd held onto for the last 6 years, cramming it into closets, thinking I'd use it when I had the space, I realize I don't need.  We have 3 beds in the moon room that are great when we have guests.  The closet in there was full of stuff.  Stuff I don't even know why we needed.  But it's slowly going away.  Sometimes it's going to the trash.  But mostly to the thrift store in the hope that someone else will want/use it. 

My goal for that closet is for it to become full of food.  It's got 40 boxes of cereal in there now.  Still a lot of stuff, but I realize I'd rather have food than stuff.  So as things go on BOGO sale, I'll buy all they have, and then get a rain check for more.  And buy more the next month.  Not everything.  But things we actually use.  Or things that will keep for 30 years if we don't use them.

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