Saturday, March 30, 2013


Sheesh, I'm not even on facebook but the drama (like a show being put on...) trying to convince us all that we're old fashioned and ignorant if we aren't in support of gay marriage is everywhere.

I would like it if people are allowed to tell the insurance company the other adult, and dependents they want on the policy.  It could get tricky though with various family and friends pressuring you to put them on your insurance policy...  I guess that leads back to the single payer system that I am not in love with.  But hey, I really like having insurance.  It stinks not having insurance.  It also stinks how people on medicaid don't have to pay anything out of pocket so it's no skin off their back to go to the ER for aches and pains, and I get to pay $900 in co-pays and wait a long time...  But it's hard not having insurance.

I would like it if people were able to have a list of who they would like to see them in the hospital.  How does the hospital even know you're a spouse?  Do they check county marriage records?  You may as well file it with the driver's license bureau.

I would like it if people could inherit money and not have to pay taxes on it.  Or maybe I would like it just as well if anyone inheriting more than 1 million had to pay taxes on it regardless of if it were a spouse.  The exception I think would be if it were a business because that would put the survival of the company and jobs associated with it in jeopardy.  But really, if it's 1 million straight out inheritance, that's not going to ruin people.  I don't know, I've never inherited anything that would be taxed so I don't know how exorbitant it would be.

As for survivors benefits from the government, I think that should be tied to the dependent children.  If P dies and I don't have dependent children to take care of, I should probably use the life insurance money as a cushion to getting a job.  Even if we do still have dependent children, I should go get a job.  I would have to sell the house, and make do.  It wouldn't be easy.  But if children are not involved, I don't really understand survivor's benefits.  Sure I missed out on all those years of career advancement while I was raising kids.  I chose that.  Plenty of women are able/willing to have kids and career. 

If the supreme court decides that marriage is between any 2 consenting adults... where does that put me?  Married luckily.  I uphold the beliefs in Marriage: A Proclamation to the World.  I also recognize that tons of male/female pairings are toxic to children.  If P died, I'd rather go try and raise my children with one of my sisters, or Grandma than some bozo man. 

So I don't think marriage should be re-defined.  I think the government should give broader definitions to who can contract together for the benefit of children.  I saw a clip recently of Ryan Morgan being "interviewed" (set up as a punching bag) with Suze Orman.  I liked his arguments and especially, the idea that a gay relationship does not warrant better treatment than a relationship between 2 committed non-sexual partners. 

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