Saturday, February 18, 2012

party house

Tuesday, amidst the crazy times we've been having (in a quiet spot) we had some friends over for dinner. It was good to get things spiffed up. The last 2 days we've been watching a 7 year old from church. We'll still have her tomorrow when 13 of our favorite people come over for a pot luck and music practice.

One of the great things the L's left us was a huge sectional couch. Tonight I found that if you arrange it at the edge of the conversation pit/bar it goes across the whole room. I think that is 20, maybe 25 feet. It completely blocks access to the conversation pit and will, we hope, cut down on the running like crazy.

Anyway, I'm so glad to live in a wonderful home that we can have a lot of friends come over. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to get motivated and tidy up.

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