Friday, February 3, 2012

The cookie Test

We are test takers in this family. P and I are both the kind of people who thrive in a test situation. Recently we asked G what his favorite subject was in school. Did he say Recess, Lunch, Science? No. "Hmmm Spelling Test." came the firm reply.

G has been helping me make cookies for the last 2, maybe 3 years. In the beginning it was crazy cute to have him do simple jobs like move the cooled cookies from the pan to the plate with a little miniature spatula. Later it was measuring the chocolate chips, 6 oz. As he got older I let him be more involved in the messy parts, and there was M, vying for her share in it all.

Today he did it all with minimal support. He measured the oil, and sugar which he mixed into the softened butter. Then he declined a spoon, preferring to pour in the (large quantity) of molasses. He was a little sketchy on what 1 1/2 cup of flour means. For now he thinks it means one 1/2 cup. That wasn't enough, so I put in more and asked him if it was enough, "no", then again more. He did all the mixing.

He climbed up and got down the chocolate chips, then finding that the measuring cup did not have ounce markings, climbed up and got a different one. 6 oz.

Once it was mixed I showed him how to use 2 spoons to make balls. We have a mini-ice-cream scoop but it's a bit hard for him to squeeze. After 4 normal size cookies, he made a lot of really big ones. They were really delicious.

Grandma P came to visit the last 2 weeks. Not only has she spelled me at some important moments, given me much needed company, and hung up my art, but she's given M tons of love, painting lessons and seafood. Lots of great hugs all around.
Here's bP who may soon be called lP, in the puffy coat. It actually got cold enough to be needed for several days. Thanks to my sister N who always sends me the most awesome clothes for the girls.
We have a home now. Wow! It's amazing to have bookshelves, deer eating from the bird feeder, wild turkeys running around the yard blending in with the cypress knees, a conversation pit with wet bar (aka game storage and computer area for the kids), a fire place, an amazing kitchen.... the list goes on. And a enough room to have the dress up clothes out of storage. M is thrilled.
And who doesn't love a picture of a sleepy baby with no legs in a cute dress from Alaska. Who!
We feel so blessed.

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