Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is comming on thick

Last month I had a fair amount of crisis. The last 2 weeks are vying for their share in the flashing lights. M's puking Thursday was followed by lP (which now stands for Lucky P) puking Saturday through the night, on me. Sunday we all stayed home from church.
I don't remember Monday.
Tuesday we had some friends over for dinner. This was very lucky because they are fun, and I had a lot of leftovers to carry us through Wednesday.
Wednesday When I picked him up from school today the secretary told me that he had been feeling ill and complained of stomach pains. That's the same symptom leading up
to M throwing up.
Then we were walking in the school, he apparently fainted and collapsed. The principal and secretary helped me get him to the car. At home he threw up and his eyes were dilating big and small. So I took him to the hospital because I don't know why he fell and he was acting like he had a concussion.
All the way to the hospital, every 30 seconds he'd ask "Where are we going?"
"To the hospital" I'd say.
"In Gainesville?" He'd ask
"No, St. Augustine" over and over.
Once we were at the hospital he would alternate asking "What happened to me?" and "Mom, are you going to stay with me?"
That broke my heart more than the fall or anything.
X-rays, CT scan and blood work didn't show anything wrong with him.
On top of all the unexpected, today M had 2K of dental work done under 1K of general anesthesia.
P has been great. We are so blessed.

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AliciaD said...

Probably the same stomach bug that we had. It was terrible. Fortunately no one passed out, but I got very disoriented and kept forgetting where I was when trying to get from work to home. It lasted a few days for us (around 24 hours of actually being sick, another couple days of not feeling well or having much of an appetite).

Hope everyone feels better!